About Kay

Kay Barr (previously Thoren)  has been involved with martial arts and since 1982.She gained her Black Belt in Rhee International Taekwondo under 8th Dan World Master, Mr. Chong Chul Rhee in 1984 and was appointed an Instructor in 1985. A member of the World Taiji Boxing Association under Master Erle Montaigue, Kay is also an Instructor of Tai Chi and teaches classes locally . In  2009 Kay graduated from Zendo Health & Lifestyle Centre Cairns with a Diploma of Zen Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies. In pursuit of improved wellness and vitality Kay has gained experience and instruction in several bodywork modalities through the years including Reiki, Chi Nei Tsang, Emmett Therapy and Energetic Medicine. 

Kay is also a Somatic Exercise Coach (Level 2) after certification with Essential Somatics (USA) in 2013.  She commenced Clinical studies in Hanna Somatics in 2016 and is due to complete this certified 3 year course in July 2019 as a Clinical Hanna Somatic Educator through Essential Somatics.  Kay is the holder of current Senior First Aid Certificate and CPR and relevant insurances.

Personal power is being balanced in yourself; having a belief in your own self-sufficiency and aligning your heart, body and soul.

In 2010 the Butterfly Tai Chi & Qigong was affiliated with the Australian Academy of Tai Chi & Qigong and Kay is now conducting classes under the Academy and the instruction of Grandmaster Gary Khor. 

Kay is passionate about delivering traditional instruction in Tai Chi aspires to do more than just teach the movements and techniques that define this discipline. The essence of Tai Chi is far more than Tai Chi’s more outward qualities of technical form practice, push hands, traditional weaponry, or even self defence,  and encompasses qi cultivation, and Tai Chi philosophy, or how you should  integrate Tai Chi into daily life.  These are all the important aspects of this ancient internal art.